CIY Move 2016

Hey Everybody,

I’m finally getting around putting up this blog post. I went to CIY move at Biola University again for my third year and I will have to say this was my favorite year by far.

To start off the trip we left at 7:30 and my church takes a couple vans and my van got lucky and we had one extra seat so that was nice but I was in the back of the van with 3 of my best friends so we were cramped but it was fun. We had a bunch of food and I brought my Uke so I played that on the way up. We got to Biola University around 3:30 pm and we put our stuff in our dorm and then we went to dinner and headed off to our session ( which is a super fun church service). During the week we get to live in the Biola dorms so I roomed with my best friend Megan, and during our free time or when we were getting ready in most of our friend group would hang out in Megan and Is room, also I got to meet some awesome people from other churches in Arizona.

A day at camp usually would look like this
• waking up and getting ready
• going to breakfast at the Cafeteria
• going to the morning session
• after the session, we would go to read our devotionals and meet up in small groups (my group as all the girls from our church group cause we only had 1 female leader)
• Lunch time
• free time ( during free time we would go to electives, hang out around campus, or just chill in our dorms)
• Dinner
• night session/ group time
• In dorms by 11: 15

that was basically our schedule all the week besides on Friday everything was the same but after morning devotionals and group time we went to Huntington beach for the free day and I got baptized, and then we came back for dinner and the rest of the night was just the regular schedule.

Sessions were so much fun before sessions would start my friends and I would around and ask random people to take pictures with us and we also started a successful conga line a few times. I would always try to go to the front and be as close to the stage as possible when music would start. I ended up buying a t-shirt from CIY, a CIY backpack, and a CIY lanyard and kingdom worker book.


Huntington Pictures:


Session Pictures:

Pictures with Band and Crew:

Pictures with friends:


Thats all I cant wait to go back next year






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