Feminist sticker club

Hey Everybody,

Today I am going to be telling you about the Feminist Sticker Club it’s an amazing company that I found and got in contact with. The Feminist Sticker Club is a company that ships out feminist based stickers once a month for $3. It’s such a great deal for stickers. The company is run by Kelly Hinkle, a feminist from Portland, Oregon. Kelly was such a sweetheart and sent me, a bunch of stickers along with a book called Rad American Women A-Z which is a great book that names 26 Rad Women who have done great things in America. I got 13 amazing stickers and I have used one of them to decorate my Hydro Flask, the others I’m waiting to decorate my school supplies with. I love all the stickers and how empowering they are and they can also be great conversation starters, I highly recommend taking a look at feminism and the feminist sticker club. I was introduced to the feminist movement, earlier this year because I heard my favorite celebrity Rowan Blanchard talk about it in her interviews and on her social media’s so I decided to read her speech that she gave at the UN women he for she conference, and then I watched her speech that she gave at the We Day Leadership event. I fell in love with the movement and I believe that the movement of gender equality is something that everyone should be a part of it’s not about women being better than men. It’s about men and women of all races, religions, and sexualities, having equal rights in society and politics, and I call myself a feminist because I believe in equal rights. For people who say and believe feminism is all about women being better than men, it’s not because we bring attention to topics that men struggle with that society wouldn’t. Did you know suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK?  Society teaches boys as they grow up that it’s not “manly” to show emotion or cry, which is completely stupid, so once they become older they keep in the emotions in so they can fulfill the idea of what society calls “manly”, which is horrible for a person. Men’s mental health should be given the same amount of attention as women’s mental health. Also, male rape victims should get as much attention as female rape victims, and female rapist should serve the same amount of time as a male rapist. Gender, race, religion, sexuality, or abilities limitations should not affect someone’s perspective on the idea of people. Everyone should be equal, yes there are different parts of feminism and I have just learned about it, I am not an expert. I know there are feminist that go over the edge, who make feminist seem like man-haters but that’s not what it’s about, all feminist have different ideas on different topics. There are all sides of feminism and you have to explore and educate yourself on it before judging it just like a person. Thank you Kelly for sending me the stickers and book I will study the book till I know it by heart, and I hope anyone who reads this keeps an open mind about feminism and take a look into it.



Feminist sticker club: www.feministstickerclub.com/
Rowan Blanchard HeforShe: https://www.unwomen-usnc.org/files/Rowan%20Blanchard%20Speech.pdf
Rowan Blanchard We Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHnT8Ka6L_I
Emma Watson HeforShe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-xqeTvD3as
Rad American Women A-Z: https://www.amazon.com/Rad-American-Women-Trailblazers-Visionaries/dp/0872866831/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467073276&sr=8-1&keywords=rad+women+from+a+to+z
Amazon list of great books on feminism: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/giftlist/3RXDSO31M88V3/ref=topnav_lists_5


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