Packing for camp + packing hacks 2016

Hey Everybody,

I leave for church camp tomorrow, and we are going to Biola University for a week, I thought I would show you how I pack and some packing hacks that I have learned.


HACK #1: Roll your socks and put them inside your shoes to save room.
HACK#2: Bring a flat iron it can be used to straighten hair, curl your hair and you can also iron out wrinkled clothes.

In the front two pockets of the suitcase, I have my shoes, sunscreen, and some hair products that didn’t fit in my toiletries bag.


HACK #3: Roll your clothes to save space
HACK #4: Pack a bag for dirty clothes

Top layer:  I have my bed sheet for my bed in the dorms, a bath towel, a dirty clothes bag, wash rags, and some bras.
Middle layer: My shower bag, all my clothes rolled and stacked on each other, a beach towel, a blanket for my bed, and then in the zipper pocket is underwear and my bathing suit.
Bottom layer: My second toiletries bag, my clothes, and cat ears for accessories 

I will be gone all this week so I will not be posting a tv show review this week and I know I didn’t post one last week, so I will be posting two reviews when I get home, plus a bonus post and also I will be doing a post about camp, so make sure to be tuned and watch out for those!

Thank you for reading, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!



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