At what point do we reach perfection?
At what point in life is everything perfect and the way we want it?

See everyone in the world is running towards perfection, no matter what it is. They could be wanting a perfect body, relationship, friendship, grades, family, finances, religious relationship, sports, etc. The sad thing is people think that they will one day reach this perfection, but they won’t because as humans one of two things will happen, we will either give up and walk away or once we reach this perfection and something or someone better will come along  and we will keep striving to be better and more perfect.

This isn’t healthy for the human mind, there is a difference from to wanting to achieve a goal versus wanting to be the “goal”. This has always been a problem all throughout history, but now it’s more noticeable, because of social media. We see these things and we label them as “GOALS” and it’s not healthy to want to be perfect because you will keep striving till you have nothing left. There is a song that perfectly explains society today and its Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, this song talks about how this family puts on a mask to be perfect and not let people see the flaws of life . A verse of the song says
“Places, places, get in your places
Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.
Everyone thinks that we’re perfect
Please don’t let them look through the curtains.”

I love this verse because it explains society perfectly, we put on these masks to look perfect for everyone so no one can see the flaws in us, because society/social media, makes us think that everything has to be perfect. That you have the best clothes ,a  perfect group of friends, the perfect body, good grades, and a really fun social life and you can’t have any flaws. Here is the saddest part of all this, social media only captures the perfection of life, no one post selfies or pictures that have flaws in them, they post the perfect picture that is edited and filtered. People are too scared of people seeing their flaws to post a bad picture. You can go on social media and compare yourself to all these “perfect” people, but the reality of it is they are striving for perfection themselves that they are just like you and me, they have flaws they have bad days they have bad things that happen in their lives that they don’t post about.  They will only post the perfect moments so people will see their perfection.

So At what point do we reach perfection? At what point in life is everything perfect and the way we want it?  the answer is never we will always be striving for perfection, so instead of comparing yourself to these goals, be your own goals and if you want to do something do it, to better you as a person and make you happy, not so you can compete to be better than someone, perfection will never last.


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