Tahoe outfits Featuring. GIBBONSINK

We went to Tahoe for a few days and stayed in a cabin for my brother’s birthday. I wanted to show you what I wore during the week, also this post is sponsored by and featuring GIBBONSINK which is an online Etsy store that I adore so much. During this whole week and for the past couple weeks I have been wearing a purple cat necklace that inspired by the tv show Girl Meets World, that I got from GIBBONSINK . It is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own hands down. It’s a beautiful necklace and it is great quality I recommend to everyone to check the store out.


For the drive up I wore:

  • jean shorts from wet seat
  • A graphic tee from h&m
  • Strappy sandals from DSW

Day 2:

  • Flowy black shorts from urban outfitters
  • White halter tank top from Aeropostale
  • Strappy sandals from DSW

Day 3:

I wore two different things this day the first outfit I wore was for our adventure at the waterfalls which I didn’t get a picture of, and you can see my top kind of in the picture of my second outfit

  • Coral Bikini top from H&M
  • Black bikini bottoms from Target
  • Grey tank top from Target
  • Jean shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Black Nikes from DSW

Outfit 2

  • Graphic tee from Wet Seal
  • Jean shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Strappy sandals from DSW

On the way home I just wore some Nike workout shorts and a grey tank top.

Thanks for reading!




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