How to stay positive during the school year

Hey Everybody,

The school year is gonna start soon and the first day is always exciting but then on day 2 the laziness and procrastination kicks in, it’s an interesting cycle that never ends. Also going back to school means that you are going to have to deal with the stress of school work and drama with friends, which makes the school year not so fun. So, here are some tips to help you stay positive during the school year.

Change the way you think

Thinking more positive, try to turn any bad situation into a good one.

2. Write down your thoughts

Writing down your thoughts has a lot of benefits, it clears your mind, helps processes emotions, and it gives you a record of your past.

3. Take time for yourself

School work and extracurriculars can take a lot out of you, its good that you take time for yourself, watch your favorite TV show, have a pamper night, do something that makes you happy, spend time in nature, schedule a time to hang out with your friends .


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