Best friends ft. VorobevStudio

Hello Everybody,

When I hear the word friendship, I think of best friends and that is something magical. It’s a bond that is unbreakable. Best friends is not just a word that describes people’s bond together it’s; hugs, hand holding, texting 24/7, unending support, crazy adventures, hour long video calls, protecting each other, and so many more things. I have two people who I say that are my all time best friends and one person who is more family than a best friend.

I have seen so many friendship in real life and on tv and the two friendships on tv that have inspired me the most are Cory and Shawn (boy meets world) & Riley and Maya (girl meets world) the way these friendships are set up they are just the all time best friend goals and on girl meets world Riley and Maya have a friendship ring that they were so I found an exact replica ring that they have from VorobevStudio and I wear my ring every day, to remind me of how I’m lucky to have my best friends.






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