What I got for my 16th birthday

Hey everybody,

I turned 16 a few weeks ago and I always love watching videos like these on youtube so I decided to do a blog about what I got.

To start off I got some new books






I also got a walk to remember and Sabrina Carpenters new album Evolution

To treat myself  I got some beauty stuff, I got some Zoella Beauty products, a bath sponge, some perfume from Bethany Mota, and I also won a small sample of a Jimmy Choo perfume.

I got a pair toms sunglasses, for when driving 

I also got new riding boots from target and moccasins from aeropostale 

I also bought a bag that I had seen on teen wolf from poshmark 

My friend got me a bunch of snacks and some tea this is only some of it the rest I ate, lol

I got 2 sweaters in the same style, different colors from aerpostale

I got a mermaid tail blanket from my aunt

And some new pants from Aeropostale

I got 2 new tee shirts and some lounge shorts from PacSun

I also got some new dresses one from targetA jacket and dress from

A dress from VIVI Fashion

I also had my room redecorated which I will do a post on later. I have been super busy with school but I promise I will be posting more again.

Disclaimer: Im not trying to brag, I just have seen people do post like these and I love to see them, I hope you enjoy!


thanks for reading!





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