Teen Wolf Tag Ft. FangirlProblemsInc 

Hey Everybody,

Teen Wolf Announced that this will their final season of the series, so I decided to do a teen wolf tag to remember this amazing show.
1. Who is your favorite character male & Female?

Scott Mccall and Allison Argent
2. Who do you ship? OTP?

  • Scott & Allison, they are my all time favorite ship in the show. I got this amazing Necklace from FangirlProblemsInc. It has the quote “it’s perfect. Im in the arms of my first love” from the scene where Allison is dying in Scott’s arm.img_6409
  • Stiles & Lydia
  • Liam & Hayden

3. Why did you start watching Teen Wolf?

I started watching Teen Wolf after seeing Dylan O Brien in the Maze Runner
4. Describe Teen Wolf in one word.

5. What’s your favorite episode from each season?

  • Season 1: Wolf Moon
  • Season 2: Ice Pick
  • Season 3A: Motel California
  • Season 3B: Echo House
  • Season 4: Perishable
  • Season 5A: required reading
  • Season 5B: Lie Ability

6. what is your favorite scene from Teen Wolf?

I have way to many to pick one
7. who is your style icon on the show?

Lydia Martin
8. which supernatural creature would you like to be?

Werewolf or Banshee

9. who is your favorite parent/adult on the show?

Mamma Mccall
10. Scott or Isaac?

11. Derek or Stiles?

12. Allison or Lydia?

13. Hayden or Kira?

14. Chris Argent or Sheriff Stilinski?

Sheriff Stilinski
15. Rate Teen Wolf 1-10?



Big thanks to FangirlProblemsInc for sending me this necklace to do a review on. I love Scallison so much and this necklace sums up who they are so much. It has the famous Scallison quote and  have the symbols that represent them most, the bow and arrow for Allison and the Wolf for Scott. This is such great quality and I love this shop so much, I recommend buying from this shop.


thanks for reading




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