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Girl Online:

Hey Everybody,

Today I’m going to be doing a book review on Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) first book ‘Girl Online’. I bought the book because I watch Zoella’s videos. The main character Penny Porter reminds me a lot of Zoella she has anxiety and loves photography. Penny has long crazy red hair, freckles, and a petite frame. Noah Flynn is another main character and he reminds me of Zoe’s boyfriend Alfie Deyes. Penny is a very realistic character to me, her character is relatable to any teenage girl in some way.

In the book, you follow Penny through her day to day life at school and at home and you get to see her blog entries on her anonymous blog. You get to meet her best friend Elliot whom she calls Wiki (the walking Wikipedia) on her anonymous blog. Penny’s Parents run a wedding and event planning shop and they get a chance to fly to New York for Christmas to help with a wedding. While in New York, Penny meets Noah who is the Grandson of the lady baking for the wedding. They go on a day adventure while running an errand for Penny’s mom. They instantly have a connection and they become very sad because Penny has to leave the next day but another event comes up allowing the Porter’s to stay until New years day. Which during this extra time they are in New York, they stay with Noah and his grandma. After Penny gets back she listens to a song that Noah wrote for her, and shortly after learns Noah’s secret, which leads you into the second book Girl Online, On tour.

I love this book so much, it is such a great love story. It reminds me of a hallmark movie, Zoe did such a great job with this book, I just finished reading the second book and I’m hoping to get the third book soon. I highly recommend this book, I give it a 10/10.






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