Brace For It!

Hey Everybody,

I always get asked a lot of questions about my AFO brace when I wear it, I should probably wear it more than I do. I thought I would answer some of my most asked questions, In one blog post.

  1. What does AFO stand for?

It stands for ankle-foot orthotic

2. Why do you wear it?

It keeps me from walking on my toe and it keeps my muscles stretched out, also it gives me better range of motion.

3. Does it hurt to wear?

No, it can be uncomfortable because I cant move my ankle, but it doesn’t hurt.

4. How often do you wear it?

Maybe, once or twice a month, I should probably wear it more often though.

5.  What does it look like?

it looks like my foot, kind of, its basically a mold of my calf to my foot. You can only see the back and front straps when I wear it. Its pretty cool though, It has a grayish purple background with red hearts and some thorn roses, its also really dirty because the Velcro, picks up everything . I think I would probably get a white or black one if I ever get another one so I could decorate it.



Thanks for reading! What would you like to see me to post next?




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