Follow the beat

Hey Everybody,

Have you ever wanted to do something, but back out because of what other people think? Or have you ever gotten nervous about something and stressed about it so much but when it’s over it seems like something super pointless to worry about?

I have had a lot of these moments and I know a lot of my peers do too, It can be something simple as not answering a question in class because you don’t want to get ridiculed by your peers, or stressing out over a friend situation.

I stumbled upon a few quotes that have helped me make these situations a bit less intimidating.

The first one is a few lines of a song.

  1. They can say they want and believe whatever they taunt. They’re not the mirror on your wall, they didn’t make you they can’t break you……The beating of the drum is never gonna stop playing its rhythm for you
  • Don’t let other people’s taunts, stop you from being scared to speak out. They are not the people who will matter in 4 years, so why stop following what your heart is saying for people who won’t matter.

2. The 72 Hour Rule – If it won’t matter in 72 hours, it never did. If it won’t affect you in 72 hours, don’t worry about. If they don’t check up in 72 hours after something bad happening, move on.

  • I stress about school projects, friend situations, what people think or say about me, and the list goes on for a very long time. If it won’t affect me in 72 hours why stress out about it so much? I hate public speaking, so I know in class when I have to give a presentation to not stress as much because no one will remember what I said in 72 hours. If someone’s opinion doesn’t effect me or if they say something about me and it won’t affect me in 72 hours drastically, I will try to blow it off, it has worked a lot recently.

Always remember to follow the beat of your heart and do what you want without fearing judgment.

I hope these tips help you out! What do you to do make stressful and scary situations better?




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