Cerebral Palsy Tag

Hey Everyone,

In honor of Cerebral Palsy Awareness month, I thought it would be cool to do something that relates to it, so this is the Cerebral Palsy Tag, I’m basically gonna be answering questions about CP.

1) What kind of CP do you have?

I have mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy
2) How did you get CP?

I got it from brain damage, I don’t think there is really any other way to get it
3) How did you feel about it growing up?

I didn’t really care about it until I was older and then I really didn’t like having it
4) How has CP impacted your life (Good & bad)?

It has given me an opportunity to make friends and bond with people I would of never have in the first place, and the downside is really just people thinking you’re not normal.
5) Do you ever think about your life without cerebral palsy?

Yeah, but it would be pretty boring.
6) How was schooling with cerebral palsy?

It has been good and bad, I guess it depends on the day
7) How has your disability changed throughout your life?

It gets worse as I get older, my muscles get tighter and it’s something, I have to work with it and stretch a lot
8) How will things change for people with disabilities?

I just hope people are more accepting and start asking questions, so many people think it’s offensive to ask a question, it’s not at all.
9) Do you believe in God? Does that help you deal with having CP?

Yes, and it helps remind me there is a purpose for my CP
10) If there was a pill or cure for CP, would you take it?

No, I like having my disability.



3 thoughts on “Cerebral Palsy Tag

  1. I love your attitude to CP because it’s realistic – there are good days and bad days. I don’t have it but I do have a disability and I feel the same as you regarding a cure for it, and the good and bad things about having a disability. This was great to read!


  2. This is a fun idea!
    1) I have hemipelgia CP
    2)I was born with it… basically I had a stroke before I was born
    3) How did I feel about it growing up? I had a lot of self-esteem issues. My mother was fearful for me and I think that held me back.
    4) How has it impacted my life? Too much to say here. I blog about that regularly if you want to swing by it http://strongfindspower.wordpress.com
    5)Thinking of life without CP? Yes! I fantasized about it but then I’d think my life would be different and I don’t think I could do that
    6) How was schooling? It had its trials. I always thought I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t normal enough and I had self-image issues. I wanted to be like the other kids. I pushed myself a lot.
    7)How has it changed through my life? As I child I think I had more mobility due to my physical therapy. Now that I am older I have a lot more aches and pains. It made me realize I had to do something to overhaul my body so I can still USE my body. It’s why I am a champion powerlifter today!
    8) How will things change for those with disabilities? I think technology is going to advance a great deal and those with disabilities are going to have greater freedom of movement and opportunities
    9) Do I believe in God? A resounding YES! God is Central to all I do and is the reason I achieve so much. I talk a lot of Him on my blog and how he helps my journey with CP!
    10)Would I take a pill to cure my CP? No, I am who I am because of it.


  3. 1) I have mild hemiplegia CP (wow that’s a mouthful!)
    2) I was born with it
    3) How did I feel about it growing up?! It was very hard for me to participate in sports and other activities.
    4) How has it impacted my life? It has been difficult at times. Hard to stand and move around and stand for long periods of time.
    5) Yes I have thought about life without CP. I could do so much more! But I am a much better person with CP!
    6) Schooling was hard. It was hard for me to participate in sports. Which made it hard to fit in.
    7) CP is just now catching up with me. When I was younger it was lack of coordination. Now as I get older it is just getting up and getting around. I still keep chugging along though.
    8) I think with people coming out and claiming they have a disability and even portraying a character with a disability (Speechless). It will create more awareness and more people will get involved.
    9) ABSOLUTELY!!! My belief in God has helped me accept it and embrace who I am.
    10) NO! It can be a pain at times, but it has made me a better person!!!


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