A day with me: Shriners

I got an idea for a mini series, which is a mix between a get ready with me and a day in my life, a its gonna be called A day with me, so if I have a  day that I want  to share with you it will be apart of this series, today is gonna be a day with me going to Shriners, which Shriners is the hospital I go to for my disability.

9:00 AM: I got up and ate breakfast which was oatmeal and blueberries and then I went and got ready to go to the doctors. I wear comfy clothes that are easy for the doctor to see my scars and how im walking, so I wore my nike shorts  and my favorite Kale t-shirt and my nike shoes.


I also brought my backpack to carry my brace and my shoes for my brace, and my snack.

My mom and I stopped for dutch bros on the way


We got to Shriners and waited for almost an hour like usual, and then we got to see my doctor and talk to them about my progress and how I’m doing and whats next for me to do. All I have to do now is work harder on getting my muscle back.







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