Summer prep guide

Hey Everyone,

Summer time is approaching, and everyone wants to look their best. To help you prepare for summer, I have come up with a prep guide that will get you ready for the summer time. Also a big thank you to PakPak for sending me this swimsuit.


Everyone wants to look their best for summer, so that is where we are gonna start.

  • Try to tan for an hour every day so you aren’t starting your summer off, looking super pale. Also, being in the sun has the health-promoting benefit of increasing the level of endorphins ( the chemical in your body that makes you happy).
  • Try to adapt a healthy lifestyle by working out for an hour at least 5 times a week and eating healthier,  this doesn’t mean you have to do crazy hard workouts all 5 days you can change it up, you can go on a walk or run 3 days of the week and find a workout video online 2 days of the week. Eating healthy doesn’t mean counting calories or carbs that’s being obsessive and can lead to unhealthy eating habits.



Find your staple summer pieces, make a Pinterest board so when you go shopping its easier to pull up inspiration

I made a board for my summer outfit inspiration:

Also, pick out your staple swimsuit, this summer my staple is the Beverly swimsuit by PakPak


Plan out your summer whether it is small adventures with friends, vacations with family or days you put aside to relax. Planning will make your summer go smoother and that way nothing will be last minute and you have a productive fun summer waiting for you.

I hope you guys liked this I know its super short. I have been super busy with procrastinating and school. I am going to start a schedule for my blog post so I will be on top of it during the summer.




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