Just do it + tips to help you accomplish your goals

Hey Everbody,

It’s 6 months into the year and I bet most people have given up or haven’t even started their new year’s goals. I am guilty of this myself, my goals for this year were to start dancing again, drink more water, stay organized, study, and read more. I have accomplished, 3 out of the 5 so far. I have been in ballet privates for a few months now, I have stayed pretty organized, and I’m drinking more water than I did last year.

Sadly, I gave up on studying because I’m a teenager and youtube and Netflix happen and then you spend 5 hours binge-watching shows and daily vlogs. I have also read 1 out of the 3 new books that I have picked up, which I want to start reading at least 2 books a month, I know I could do more than that.

I have my faults in not completing my goals so far but there is still 6 more months left to complete them. My advice is to just do it, really I don’t think New Years is anything special. You don’t need some holiday to make a change in your life, you just need self-motivation. You need to push yourself and just do it.


To start off these tips aren’t just for big life goals they can also help you accomplish small daily goals.

  1. Don’t think negatively or put down your ability to accomplish your goal – If you have a bad mindset about it going into it, you just won’t accomplish it.
  2. It actually takes 66 days to form a habit – After a study was done the average time it took for a behavior to become a habit was 66 days, so forget about the 21 days cause it’s not that easy
  3. Share your goal with someone. – This might seem weird if your goals is a small daily task but telling someone/people about your goal will keep your more accountable, cause you will most likely have someone ask you how your goal went.
  4. Don’t give up – If you fail or make a mistake, don’t just give up. Just get back right on track and learn what to do to avoid making the same mistake, so when you run into the problem again you are prepared and it won’t happen again
  5. Make the change-  This is a tip that depends on the goal but if your goal requires you to change your lifestyle or daily routine, it might be hard at first but make that change and keep to it, you will be grateful you did later on.
  6. Make time- Life is crazy, schedules are packed. Take time at the beginning of the week and plan out your week and make time for your goal to happen, if this means waking up earlier, or giving up tv/social media time, do it cause waking earlier and doing things right away makes you feel like you had a productive day, and you don’t  really need the screen time, like it feels nice to not be distracted by a screen and actually interact with the real world.
  7.  JUST DO IT- you will feel better about yourself when you accomplish a goal, your goals could help you further into the week or even help you feel better further into your life. It just depends on what your goal is, and its never to late to start accomplishing a goal or even to make one.

QOTP: What is your favorite motivational quote?

AOTP: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”





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