My Hair Care Routine 2017

Hey Everybody,

Today we are talking about hair, and how to take care of it. Well, more of how I take of my hair, my hair care routine is aimed towards growing my hair and keeping it damage free.

My Hair Story

7th grade was when I first started coloring my hair, I had dyed it once before in 5th or 6th grade and it was a small teal streak in m hair that my friend and I got together. I begged my mom to let me dye the ends with cool aid to make it red. After that I used splat dye and then in 6th grade I went from dying my hair brunette to blonde and then I dyed it a copper strawberry blonde colour a few times, then I decided to use a box dye to dye the ends purple last summer with my friend, I tried bleaching my hair with the box stuff. I regretted it and tried to dye it back to a natural brunette color. By then my hair was so killed and didn’t want to hold color anymore.

On Sept 4th, I decided to cut my bangs myself…..yeah I will regret that already, it gets better not even a month  later decided to try to fix a small piece of hair that was uneven, after I finished my hair looked like I let a preschooler cut my hair, so I waited a few weeks then my mom got tired of me complaining that I had headaches from wearing my hair in a ponytail every day, so at the end of October she took me to get it cut. It was so short but I was fine with it cause it needed to be done. In December I started using sugarbearhair vitamins for 6th months and my hair grew 4.5 inches, which is impressive cause my hair grows so slowly. That’s where my hair is currently, I have made a promise to myself to not get any major haircuts until I graduate high school, if my hair has split ends I will get it trimmed but nothing big

How I Care for My Hair

To start off with the basic stuff, I take two vitamins biotin and L-lysine and I like to do oil treatments every few weeks to keep my hair healthy. I try to use very minimal heat so I don’t fry my hair, I also like to wash my hair every 2-3 days just so I’m not stripping all the skin sebum out, I know people wash their hair every day and it’s bad to strip your hair of the skin sebum, skin sebum is your hairs ‘natural conditioner’. It can make your hair shiny and protects your hair. Washing your hair too frequently may make your hair dry, and appear unhealthy, due to lack of sebum. When I do wash my hair, I let it air dry and I put leave-in conditioner and argon oil.

Evolution of my hair


Products I Use 

Dry Shampoo-  Batiste hint of color, Dark & Deep Brown Dry Shampoo

Shampoo & conditioner – Mane ‘n Tail Herbal Gro Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Oils – OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating hair oil & Castor Oil

Leave-in Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream




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