A week in my life

Hey everyone,

This is what my week looked like last week, I hope you find my boring life a bit interesting!


I woke up and make rice cakes with avocado (I have a slight obsession with rice cakes currently) and cleaned and did my chores, then I worked on some blogging and read some and I decided to make some spring rolls for lunch and juiced some carrots and oranges, then I laid around the rest off the day.


I woke up and made rice cakes again then I went and did my chores. I let my rabbit out to come hang out with me. After a while, I set up my computer with a second monitor so it will be easier to blog and do school work. I had a driving lesson that night that was fun, and I came home ate dinner and watched youtube the rest of the night.


I decided to be more productive this day I don’t know why. I made rice cakes with hummus and avocado this time and I also made a green smoothie. When I finished breakfast, I did my chores I like doing them in the morning so I have the rest of the day to relax and work on blogging. I spent most of the day writing two blog post, my hair care routine, and a surprise blog post and responding to emails with companies I’m doing some blog posts with soon. that night I went to a church event, and when I came home I watched TV.


I made rice cakes for breakfast and did my chores that is a known fact by now. Then I edited a video and then I watched tv until I had my driving lesson cause I was behind on my shows. When I came home from my driving lesson, I ate dinner and watched so you think you can dance with my dad and then I watched three episodes of Born This Way with my mom then I went to bed.


I woke up and sat around on the couch for a while, and I made an English muffin this day cause I ran out of rice cakes, and I made a smoothie, then I worked on a blog post that I’m doing with EQL, then I started working on this post. My mom and I went to get pizza for lunch, then I set up my desk area and worked on my blog post some more. I went to my ballet class and then I came home and made dinner and worked on my blog and youtube till I went to bed.


That was my week, it was pretty boring. I do prioritize my blog and youtube because its what I love to do, so that is what I am doing most of the week just writing blog posts, filming, editing videos and post, and coming up with ideas for posts.

thanks for reading!!!!!




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