Wear it to share it Feat. EQL

(disclaimer: if you don’t agree with this topic, no one is forcing you to read it so don’t read it. )


Hey everyone,

I feel like I hear about marches all the time in the news, people march for so much nowadays like if you are motivated enough to walk around and support a cause you believe in go you, but the marches always have some hate that comes with them from others. A topic I personally love to learn about and have heard a lot about recently is equality, I’m guessing you either just rolled your eyes or are interested in learning more depending on who you are.  I recently came upon a company called EQL (which is pronounced Equal) who are taking a totally different approach to achieve true equal acceptance, respect, and rights for all.

They are using a positive way of communication, they are using the influence of style to spread the word. It’s not a massive protest that creates friction,  it’s a quiet march that happens every day, everywhere. People take notice of what you wear and can be easily influenced by your style.

Equal sells their shirts for just $25, and that is, not it 65% of the proceeds from sales goes towards making billboards and Facebook ads for equality.  They also take the other 35% of the proceeds from your purchase and donate those funds to great organizations that do important work for equality in your community.

So go to joineql.com and get a shirt and wear it and share it on your social media using the hashtag #WeMarchEveryday to spread the words





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