Room Tour 2017

Hey Everybody,

I love watching room tours and looking at aesthetically pleasing rooms on Pinterest, and it has taken forever and I mean forever to get my room perfect. After years of changing themes and color schemes, I went with a mostly white and yellow themed room.

Let’s start with my bed, a fun fact is it is actually a futon from Ikea. I have seen this yellow floral bedding on Pinterest so of course, I found it at Ikea and bought it and I added a yellow throw blanket from Target and a pink throw pillow I stole from my mom to add a pop of color.



Next to my bed is my bedside table thing, which has a bunch of books piled up on it, my bible, my bullet journal and my Ipad. Next to that is a blanket and my ukeulele. On my window, I have a bunch of tiny jars with cool crystals in them and then my little bear ballerina.


On to my desk, my desk was all black but my dad and I spray painted it white to match my room. To the left of my desk on the wall is a section chalkboard which I use to hang photos of my friends and me, then on the wall in front of my desk, I have a bulletin board with inspirational quotes, cards from camp, and photo booth pictures I have taken with people.

On top of my desk I have a magazine holder which I put some books in, in front of it is a vase of sunflowers, next to that is my small movie collection and a few books, my jar that I use to save my coins in, my memory jar, my computer, a speaker and on top of the speaker a nutcracker, and then my Scentsy warmer. Then under my desk is my Ikea drawers that hold all my stationary supplies. Then my chair with my jean jacket hung over it.


Next to my desk is my bookshelf which I keep all my makeup and hair stuff in the first two bins on the top shelf, and on the bottom shelf all my books. On top of my book shelf, I have 2 mirrors, my vitamins, a Polaroid camera, a cassette player, my hydro flask, and my cactus.

To the left of my bookshelf is my dance bag on a little MTV chair, and to the right is my suitcase for my summer camp that I need to pack, which in future is already packed and I have already been to camp.

(I schedule my post and write them in totally different orders from when they actually go up)


Then I have my closet with all the planets on one of the doors


On the back of my door, I have a bunch of inspirational quotes. On the wall next to it, I have a bunch of prints hung up next to my lanyard, necklaces, and purse.


The last thing is my mirror, which I have sunflowers lined across the top.



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