July Favorties 2017

Hey Everybody,

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I decided to do monthly favorites post. To start off I will do beauty and hair products.


  1. I have been loving the Redken Fashion Waves 07. I love to spray it into my hair when it’s damp and put it in a bun and when it dries it gives my hair some messy waves.
  2. I love sugar bear hair vitamins, I have purchased them before and I got an offer to get a bottle for free and only pay for the shipping, so I got them because I couldn’t resist. These vitamins taste like candy and they help my skin so much, I love them so much.
  3. EOS shaving cream has been a favorite of mine for awhile I really love the vanilla one but they didn’t have it so I got the lavender scent and it smells amazing, I’m obsessed with this because it’s a shaving cream and moisturizer combined, and it’s designed for wet or dry shaving.
  4. I needed a new face wash and I wanted one that was cruelty free because I want to stop purchasing as many products that test on animals as possible, I picked up this Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub from Burt’s Bees, and it’s so nice I use it as a daily exfoliant because it’s not harsh at all.

Now, let’s move onto books!


  1. The first book I got is from Bethany Mota, I love Bethany so much she was the first YouTuber I subscribed and I have followed her ever since, I have gotten a lot of the products she has released whether it’s clothes, room decor, school supplies, beauty box, etc. This book was a motivational and tip book, it was her journey in life from before and during youtube and I love all the tips and stories she has in her
  2. The next book I read is Key To Success and I loved it, it has information you hear a lot but it put together in an inspirational way and it’s a book that I know I will read more than once
  3. The last one isn’t a book.. kind of, it’s my bullet journal and I love designing my spread for the month and weeks, I love designing it cause it’s like having a customizable planner.

Music Favorites

  1. Why by Sabrina Carpenter
  2. Harry Styles album
  3. Power by Little Mix ft. Stormzy
  4. River by Bishop Briggs
  5. Partition by Beyonce

Youtube Favorites

  1. Tatiana Ringsby
  2. Margot Lee
  3. Sian Lilly

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you liked it




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